PVC foam boards

PVC foam board is the commonly known product in the global market for various advertising and furniture applications. As one of the important product in Lirco's range of products PVC foam board is available in single layer and 3 layer board formats. PVC foam board is the new generation product replacing the Plywood, MDF and even Acrylic surface for various applications based on Cost and quality parameters.

PVC foam boards are available with matt and semi gloss finishes and in woody colours. A fine surface with different colours - including white, grey and black - gives PVC board a unique look with each panel.

PVC foam board can be surface decorated with HPL, Veneer, PVC film, PVC Edgebend and different coats. Board surface can be PU coated, UV coated, Painted with Oil and and other conventional paints with PVC primer application.

For sandwich construction in higher thickness applications, PVC boards can be pasted with each other with PVC solvent cements for creating thickness formations like 36 mm, 72 mm and etc.

Apart from that, PVC can be used with any traditional or modern carpentary tools and machines, respectively.