3 Layer boards

3 Layer WPC and foam boards are premium products in the range of Lirco composites. 3 layer board is the new generation product replacing the Plywood, MDF and even Acrylic surface for various applications based on Cost and quality parameters.

Importantly, 3 layer board is the most fit material for various carcase applications, where conventional system for panel making needs to be prepared with Marineply, HPl, Adhesive and Labour. 3 Layer board can be directly use for carcase making without any HPL lamination. Thus it does not need any Glue and labour cost. This is the most easy system for Kitchen carcase making, where carpenter and furniture makers can save cost of labour, time, cost of glue and cost of cutting wastages. At the same time, 3 layer board can be termed as quite user friendly product, which can be available in various solid colours, as per requirement.

3 Layer boards are available with matt and semi gloss finishes and in solid/plain colours. A thin coat of UV or clear PU can enhance this surface like anything and which can give a good return to furniture makers, panel dealers and distributors.

Apart from that, WPC can be used with any traditional or modern carpentary tools and machines, respectively.