Gluing of WPVC

WPVC is an important product composite made with Poly vinyl chloride. PVC is the material which has good and positive tendency towards surface enhancement. Thus, WPVC boards and WPVC profiles can be painted, coloured, coated, varnished and laminated with different surface materials.

There are different adhesives available for WPVC surfaces from different companies including Pidilite Industries. High pressure laminates, Veneers and other decorative surfaces can be laminated by Fevicol SR Express, Fevicol SP5 and SP6 type of adhesives. This adhesives can be used for manual pressing and Cold pressing applications of boards and surfaces.

For jointing applications PVC solvent cements are also available and which can be used for rapid jointing. There are some other adhesives like Dendrite supreme from Chandra chemicals, Kolkata are also being used.