Construction Templates

Construction and infrastructure development is the most important activity for any developed, underdeveloped or nondeveloped nation. Thus, the material being used for such activities also plays a very crucial role.

Conventional ply well known as shuttering ply and contruction boards are inevitable product for concrete slab formation. Concrete slab formation in vertical or horizontal structure needs good quality supports for uniform construction. This slab formation undergoes continuous water sprinkling, thus very high water condition. Due to this the life span of the support panel becomes the critical issue in relation to the cost, quality and reusability of the product.

Plywood and metal templates have their limitations like life, maintenance, transportation, cleaning etc. Lirco panels can be best use in this application with its highly desified and moisture proof structure. At time, if handled well Lirco panels can be re-manufacture even. Lirco panels can be re-used almost 30 times in compare to conventional plys those can be used 4-5 times.